Shout Outs/Credits

Kristen for being my best online friend! I look forward to your emails every day. As always, love is all around. ;) I don't know what I'd do without you. Thanks for getting me into Once Upon a Time and many other things...You are the sister I never had! *hugs*

Nikie and April for being 2 of my best online friends! I love talking to both of you. And thank you April for being there for me. :)

Allison, my Vicki friend! The first thing I do when I log on to LiveJournal is read your LJ. I'm glad that we became friends.

Stacie for being an awesome host for a lot of years. And thank you April for allowing me to move over to your place.

Dottie for all the layout help! I wouldn't have gotten my start if it weren't for you. You rock!

Kya for being a great first host for my domain for 6 years. And for Buruma for hosting me now. :)

Listing Admin for the scripts used throughout the site.