Jack & Rebecca Pearson

While celebrating her husband's birthday, Rebecca's water breaks and the couple immediately proceed to the hospital. Rebecca births the first triplet, Kevin. Immediately, she enters a distressed state and the OB-GYN immediately takes her in to surgery. Daughter Kate was born and Rebecca entered recovery; however, the third triplet, Kyle, was stillborn as a result of the umbilical cord wrapping around his neck.

Rebecca and Jack adopt a black child, who was anonymously left at a fire station, and name him Randall. Rebecca faces challenges bonding with and nursing her adopted son. Upon leaving the hospital, Rebecca sees a man at a bus stop. She calls out to him, believing he is possibly connected to the baby she is taking home. While the children's father takes them for their check up, Rebecca seeks out the man and learns he is, in fact, the father of her adopted son. She approaches him at his apartment to learn more about her son's roots and to be assured that he will not take the baby back.

Rebecca and Jack's marriage is stressed after the birth of their children. Jack frequently is out late drinking, leaving Rebecca to pick up the slack at home.

Credit: Wikia