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Andy Griffith Show, The: Fife, Barney Andy Griffith Show, The: Taylor, Andy Big Bang Theory, The: [+] All Characters Big Bang Theory, The: Cooper, Sheldon Boy Meets World: Lawrence Matthews, Topanga Boy Meets World: Matthews, Cory Boy/Girl Meets World: Hunter, Shawn Dick Van Dyke Show, The: Petrie, Laura Frasier:  [+] All Characters Frasier: Crane, Dr. Frasier Frasier: Crane, Dr. Niles Frasier: Crane, Martin Frasier: Doyle, Rosalinda 'Roz' Frasier: Eddie Frasier: Moon Crane, Daphne Full House/Fuller House: Gibbler, Kimmy Full House/Fuller House: Hale, Steve Full House/Fuller House: Tanner, Donna Jo 'D.J.' Full House/Fuller House: Tanner, Michelle Full House/Fuller House: Tanner, Stephanie General: Characters Girl Meets World: Hart, Maya Girl Meets World: Matthews, Riley Golden Girls, The: Devereaux, Blanche Golden Girls, The: Petrillo, Sophia Golden Girls, The: Zbornak, Dorothy Golden Girls: Nylund, Rose Hot in Cleveland: Chase, Victoria I Dream of Jeannie: Nelson, Jeannie I Love Lucy: [+] All Characters I Love Lucy: Mertz, Ethel I Love Lucy: Ricardo, Lucy I Love Lucy: Ricardo, Ricky Mama's Family: Harper-Oats, Naomi Mama's Family: Harper, Thelma 'Mama' Mama's Family: Higgins, Eunice Mary Tyler Moore Show, The & Rhoda: Morgenstern, Rhoda Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: Nivens, Sue Ann Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: Richards, Mary Once Upon a Time: [+] All Characters Once Upon a Time: Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Once Upon a Time: Belle Once Upon a Time: Blanchard, Mary Margaret (Snow White) Once Upon a Time: Booth, August W. (Pinocchio) Once Upon a Time: Cassidy, Neal (Baelfire) Once Upon a Time: De Vil, Cruella Once Upon a Time: Elsa Once Upon a Time: Jones, Killian (Captain Hook) Once Upon a Time: Lucas, Ruby (Red Riding Hood) Once Upon a Time: Merida Once Upon a Time: Mills, Henry Once Upon a Time: Mills, Regina (Evil Queen) Once Upon a Time: Mother Superior (Blue Fairy) Once Upon a Time: Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) Once Upon a Time: Nolan, David (Prince 'Charming' James) Once Upon a Time: Robin Hood Once Upon a Time: Swan, Emma Once Upon a Time: Ursula Once Upon a Time: Zelena (The Wicked Witch of the West) Waltons, The: Walton, Esther 'Grandma' Waltons, The: Walton, John 'John-Boy' Jr. Who's the Boss?: Micelli, Samantha

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