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Aladdin: Aladdin Aladdin: Jasmine Amphibians & Reptiles: Frogs Amphibians & Reptiles: Turtles Anastasia: Romanov, Anastasia (Anya) Andrews, Julie Aquatic Animals: Dolphins Aquatic Animals: Fish Aquatic Animals: Goldfish Aquatic Animals: Japanese Koi Fish Aquatic Animals: Jellyfish Aquatic Animals: Orcas Aquatic Animals: Sea Otters Aquatic Animals: Seahorses Aquatic Animals: Seals Aquatic Animals: Starfish Aquatic Animals: Whales Archer, Beverly Authors/Writers Ball, Lucille Bambi: Thumper Beauty & the Beast: [+] All Characters Beauty & the Beast: Beast Beauty & the Beast: Belle Beauty & the Beast: Cogsworth Beauty & the Beast: Enchantress Beauty & the Beast: Philippe Bertinelli, Valerie Birds: Birds Birds: Chickens and Chicks Birds: Ducks Birds: Ducks: Mallards Birds: Eagles Birds: Geese Birds: Hummingbirds Birds: Kingfishers Birds: Northern Cardinals Birds: Owls Birds: Parrots Birds: Penguins Birds: Puffins Birds: Swans Birds: Titmice Birds: Toucans Bolger, Sarah Brave: Merida Breslin, Abigail Bullock, Sandra Burnett, Carol Cameron Bure, Candace Carlyle, Robert Characters: M&M's: Yellow Cinderella: Cinderella Class of: Class of 2004 Cleary, Beverly Clooney, George Costner, Kevin Crawford, Michael Dahl, Roald Dallas, Josh de Ravin, Emilie Disney, Walt Disney: [+] Animals Disney: [+] Heroines Disney: [+] Princesses Disney: Duck, Donald Disney: Mouse, Mickey Disney: Mouse, Minnie Elgort, Ansel Field, Sally Finding Nemo: Dory Finding Nemo: Gill Finding Nemo: Nemo Fishel, Danielle Fisher, Carrie Ford, Harrison Fox, Michael J. Frank, Anne Frozen: [+] All Characters Frozen: Anna Frozen: Elsa Frozen: Kristoff Frozen: Olaf Garfield: Garfield Garland, Judy Geico: Gecko General Animals: Adopted & Rescued Animals General Animals: Animals General Animals: Arctic/Polar Animals General Animals: Baby Animals General Animals: Black Animals General Animals: Brown Animals General Animals: Extinct Animals General Animals: Pets General Animals: Sea Animals Gere, Richard Goodwin, Ginnifer Grammer, Kelsey Gyllenhaal, Jake Hamill, Mark Hanks, Tom Hathaway, Anne Hercules: Hercules Howard, Ron Hunchback of Notre Dame, The: Esmeralda Individual Works: van Gogh, Vincent: Starry Night Invertebrates: Bees Invertebrates: Butterflies Invertebrates: Butterflies: Monarch Invertebrates: Dragonflies Invertebrates: Fireflies Invertebrates: Ladybugs (Ladybirds) Lady and the Tramp: Lady Lansbury, Angela Leeves, Jane Lion King, The: [+] All Characters Lion King, The: Nala Lion King, The: Simba Lion King, The: Timon Little Mermaid, The: [+] All Characters Little Mermaid, The: Ariel Little Mermaid, The: Prince Eric Little Mermaid, The: Sebastian Looney Tunes: Tweety Loughlin, Lori Mammals: Canines: Dogs: Adopted & Rescued Mammals: Canines: Dogs: Beagles Mammals: Canines: Dogs: Golden Retriever Mammals: Canines: Dogs: Jack Russell Terrier Mammals: Canines: Dogs: Yorkshire Terriers Mammals: Canines: Dogs/Puppies Mammals: Canines: Foxes Mammals: Equines: Horses Mammals: Equines: Horses: Clydesdales Mammals: Equines: Horses: Thoroughbreds Mammals: Equines: Ponies Mammals: Felines: Big Cats Mammals: Felines: Cats/Kittens Mammals: Felines: Lions Mammals: Felines: Snow Leopards Mammals: Felines: Tigers Mammals: Felines: Tigers: White Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores: Bears: Polar Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores: Pandas: Giant Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores: Pandas: Red Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores: Pigs Mammals: Other Herbivores: Cows Mammals: Other Herbivores: Deer Mammals: Other Herbivores: Elephants Mammals: Other Herbivores: Giraffes Mammals: Other Herbivores: Hippopotamus Mammals: Other Herbivores: Reindeer Mammals: Primates: Monkeys Mammals: Primates: Orangutans Mammals: Rodents: Gerbils Meyer, Stephanie Miscellaneous: Art Miscellaneous: Illustration Miscellaneous: Words Moore, Mary Tyler Morrison, Jennifer Mulan: [+] All Characters Mulan: Fa Mulan Mulan: Mushu O'Donoghue, Colin O'Hara, Maureen Parrilla, Lana Peanuts: Brown, Charlie Peanuts: Brown, Sally Peanuts: Marcie Peanuts: Schroeder Peanuts: Van Pelt, Linus Peanuts: Van Pelt, Lucy Peanuts: Woodstock Performance Arts/Performers: Acting Performance Arts/Performers: Theatre Peter Pan: Tinkerbell Photography/Photographers: Photography Photography/Photographers: Photography: Animal/Wildlife Photography/Photographers: Photography: Black and White Photography/Photographers: Photography: Landscape Picoult, Jodi Pierce, David Hyde Pocahontas: Meeko Pocahontas: Pocahontas Pocahontas: Smith, John Radcliffe, Daniel Redford, Robert Reynolds, Debbie Roberts, Julia Rowling, J.K. Shapes/Designs: Polka Dots Shapes/Designs: Snowflakes Shapes/Designs: Stained Glass Shapes/Designs: Stars Smith, Maggie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Dopey Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White Soundtracks: Mamma Mia! Soundtracks: Mary Poppins Soundtracks: Star Wars Trilogy Soundtracks: The Phantom of the Opera Soundtracks: The Sound of Music Stamos, John Stewart, James Subjects/Disciplines: Astronomy Subjects/Disciplines: History Subjects/Disciplines: Language: English Swan Princess, The: Princess Odette Sweetin, Jodie Toy Story series: [+] Pizza Planet Aliens Toy Story series: Jessie Toy Story series: Woody TV Channels: HGTV Van Dyke, Dick Watson, Emma White, Betty Williams, Robin Witherspoon, Reese Wright, Bonnie

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