Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket

After the Dark Curse is cast, Archie becomes the town psychiatrist who often takes his dog, Pongo, on walks. The very first day after the enacting of the curse, he crosses paths with the mayor, Regina, and wishes her a good morning. She returns his exchange; nearly calling him "cricket" out of habit. Several days later, Archie greets her as he usually does, while Regina by this point has lost her enthasiusm for the same events happening every day. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Every day for ten years under the curse, Archie greets Mary Margaret on a daily basis as Pongo barks at her, however, this pattern is broken one day when Regina and Mary Margaret call for his and Pongo's help in tracking John Doe, who is sleep-walking through the woods. They begin to give up and return to town, but Mary Margaret insists that they haven't searched everywhere yet. Suspecting Mary Margaret is "awake" and fully aware of her past life as Snow White, Regina suggests that Archie search the mines. After Archie has gone to the mines, Regina threatens to detonate the tunnel and kill the psychiatrist unless Mary Margaret comes clean to her, though she becomes distracted when Archie returns with Marco, Granny, Walter, Mr. Clark and Doc, which allows Mary Margaret to flee unnnoticed. Moments after Mary Margaret and John Doe drink a potion to recurse themselves, Archie and the other townspeople with him find them in the woods. ("Awake")

Ever fearful of the mayor, Archie is nervous when called for an in-person meeting with Regina and assumes he did something to incur her anger again. He canít help noticing she has something on her mind, though Regina claims to be very happy with her life. Reluctantly, she finally admits to being devoid of emotion, which he calls a "hole in her heart". Archie believes she wants something more in life than just work, and when Regina mentions how a child once made her happy, he agrees that children can bring much meaning to life. This prompts Regina to adopt a baby boy, naming him Henry, though she shares her fears to Archie about her childís birth mother coming out of the woodwork one day. He advises her to stop worrying about the past and enjoy her present life with Henry. ("Save Henry")

When Henry begins having imaginative theories about the town being cursed by an Evil Queen, Regina sends him to Archie's office for therapy sessions. The day of a usual session with Archie, Henry disappears to Boston and brings his birth mother, Emma, to Storybrooke with him. When they reach the town and get out of the car, Archie approaches to ask where Henry has been. The boy lies and says he had a field trip, to which Archie states that being untruthful means giving into one's dark side. On Emma's prompting, he gives her Regina's home address so she can take Henry home. The next day, Archie is out on the streets with Pongo when he notices the clock tower has begun to work. He marvels at the phenomenon as the clock has not moved for as long as anyone can remember. ("Pilot")

Coerced by Regina, Archie is forced to play along in one of her schemes to drive Emma out of town and away from Henry. He talks to Emma about Henry's fascination with fairytales and urges she must never use the word "crazy" as it could damage him. Archie discloses that fairytales are Henry's way of coping with personal problems such as his difficult relationship with Regina. Then, he gives her Henry's therapy file. When she questions why he is violating patient confidentiality, Archie simply says Henry talks about her a lot. After she is gone, he reports to Regina via phone that everything went smoothly. At a later time, Archie has another scheduled session with Henry, who is too glum to talk, until Emma bursts into the room. He begins apologizing to her for his actions earlier, which she accepts hastily and goes to speak to Henry. As it is, Henry previously overheard Emma tell Regina that he is "crazy". Emma regains Henry's trust by telling him she told Regina what was necessary to throw her off their trail as they work to break the curse. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Henry quickly recovers from this little bout of drama and resumes telling Archie about his former life in the Enchanted Forest as Jiminy Cricket. One day, a large earthquake rumbles through Storybrooke; causing a sinkhole to collapse. Like the other townspeople, Archie goes to the site of the destruction to see what is going on while Regina attempts to calm everyone down. He is called to the sidelines, along with Emma, as Henry implies to them that there might be something down in the tunnels to prove the curse is real. Regina intervenes to shoo Emma away and have a word with Archie. She demands him to quash Henry's wild imagination, or else he will be out of a job. Conflicted and anxious about what he must do, Archie neglects to cancel lunch with his friend, Marco, when Henry arrives for another therapy session. The boy shows Archie a flashlight and some candy bars he plans to bring with him to the mines while searching for proof of the curse. Bluntly, Archie puts a stop to his plans and refers to what Henry believes in as a "delusion". This crushes Henry's spirits and he runs away from the office in a distraught state. Shortly after, Emma confronts him over this, so he defends his decision until they receive news that Henry is nowhere to be found. Horrified, Archie realizes Henry ventured into the mines. They arrive there to search just as an earth tremor shakes the mine. Archie deliberately dives into the entrance just moments before it collapses and finds Henry inside. They venture into an old elevator, using it to reach the surface, but the vehicle jams halfway up. Henry apologizes for being reckless as Archie is also remorseful for his own harsh words earlier. In truth, he doesn't really think Henry is crazy, and though Regina is extremely protective, it's perfectly fine to have an imagination. In turn, Henry inspires Archie to change into the person he wants to be rather than listening to other people all the time. They discuss Henry's fairytale theory and his firm belief that there simply has to be more to the world. Suddenly, Emma is lowered down on a harness to bring them up. Archie almost falls with the collapsing elevator but latches on to Emma's foot with his umbrella. At the surface, Archie wastes no time setting things right by rejecting Regina's previous request. He threatens her with a future custody battle, in which Regina loses and Emma wins. ("That Still Small Voice")

After Sheriff Graham's death, Emma decides to run for the position against Regina's chosen candidate, Sidney. A few days prior to the electoral debate, Regina's office mysteriously catches on fire, with Emma saving her from the burning building. When Granny suggests using photos of the rescue as campaign posters for Emma, Archie agrees to help by getting a photo. On the day of the debate, Archie makes a speech on the stage of town hall, in which he asks the townspeople to listen to each candidate with an open mind and to vote based on their conscience. He then introduces both Emma and Sidney by name before joking that their surnames, Glass and Swan, which sound like something a decorator would make them buy. Archie chuckles at his own humor, but upon seeing his audience has no reaction to his words, he moves on to allow Sidney to make his opening statement. When it is Emma's turn, she admits the fire was a set-up by Mr. Gold, who agreed to support her in the race but that she didn't know the lengths he would go to ensure she would win. Archie later joins Mary Margaret at the diner, where Regina reveals to Emma that she won the election because people were impressed by her standing up to Mr. Gold. ("Desperate Souls")

One of Storybrooke's residents, Kathryn, goes missing as her husband, David, suffers from blackouts and memory gaps. Though the phone records show he had a conversation with Kathryn on the night of her disappearance, he cannot recall anything. Archie assists David to access the memories by putting him in a relaxed state of mind. David begins to remember his conversation with Kathryn but also has a recollection of something far more sinisteróMary Margaret's desire to kill someone. Shocked, he bolts out of the office without telling Archie what he saw. ("Heart of Darkness")

To his surprise, Archie finds Mr. Gold outside the office door. Mr. Gold opens up about the son he parted with on bad terms, and since then they've been separated for years. He also suspects his son is still angry at him over the past and therefore is unsure how to make things right. Archie suggests Mr. Gold be honest and ask for forgiveness from his son as there is no other way to patch up a broken relationship. ("The Return")
In an attempt to prove the curse is real, Henry takes a bite out of an apple turnover, originally given by Regina to Emma, and falls under the Sleeping Curse. In a few hours' time, he passes away. Emma comes to say goodbye and unintentionally uses true love's kiss, reviving Henry, but also breaking the curse. As Archie walks out of his office, he looks on in surprise when his pre-curse memories return. ("A Land Without Magic")

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